What This Site Gives You

This website is just a blog with random information. It can be about house, lifestyle, interesting places, techie stuffs.


In the progress of setting up our Instagram. Stay Tuned!

About Furry Friends

Information about furry friends related

House and Style

About house, house style, cleaning and gardening

features of this site


Random information for places surrounding me

Techie Stuffs

The tools I have been using to manage my personal activities

Best friends contribute

There will be best friends of mine who will also contribute to this site. Stay Tuned! 🙂

Furry Friends

Blog includes the story for my furry friends and what they are up to 🙂

House and Style

My views in maintaining the house, how to style it including cleaning tools, gardening and so much stuffs!! and oh...recipes! easy and yummm


Anything else that I can contribute to this site