Mashed Potato Doughnuts

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I love doughnuts!!! I have tried different recipes for my doughnut and I have put my recipe I tweaked as that is my favorite.

I make doughnuts almost every weekend even if I make another snacks, somehow I feel something is missing if I don’t have doughnuts in my cake stand.

I love mixing few doughnuts with other snacks and small fruits in the cake stand on my kitchen bench and it looks so beautiful and yumm.

I have been across this mash potatoes in doughnuts lately. Just google it and you will have a lot of result for this. Seems it is a thing apparently. I have tried several recipes from the internet and I came up with the one I like.

For this potato doughnuts, I steamed potatoes then make mash from it and leave it to warm. Different with normal doughnuts, The dough is a bit sticky but not soggy or very sticky, just a bit, so I put flour on a tray when I proof for the second time. When I fry the doughnuts, they will rise beautifully. Something to add in this process, you need to estimate the oil you need to put on to make sure it fries the donuts. To fry these, I use low heat. No medium or high so inside will be done perfectly.

Somehow the doughnuts can last longer outside (for 48 hours) and they are still tender on the second day. I tested it and the taste was still the same. Also I use mixer to mix the dough. As this is winter in Melbourne at the moment, the way I proof the dough is that I put it in the oven. I turned the oven into warm (50 C for 10 minutes) then turn it off when I was about ready to proof the dough. For the ingredients, I don’t use special brand to make doughnuts, I just bought them in a normal grocery store.

Below is the recipe:

Mashed Potato Doughnuts


250 gr Bread Flour (if you want, you can make 200 gr BF and 50 Plain Flour). I have not tried using all Plain Flour. Will put another post once I do that.

100 gr steamed mash potatoes

40 gr sugar

1 teaspoon yeast

60 ml cold milk

2 egg yolk

40 gr butter



1. Mix flour, steamed mash potatoes, sugar and yeast until they all mixed

2. Add egg yolk and keep mixing it

3. Add milk

4. Mix until almost smooth

5. Once you see the dough is mixed together almost smooth, then add butter and salt.

6. Mix it until smooth and the dough is elastic

7. Once it is elastic, turn off the mixer and it is time to proof

8. Proof the dough in the room temperature until it rises double and cover the tray where the dough is with Foil. I usually have this around 40 minutes

9. Once it rises, cut the dough into desired measurement. I usually do this around 40 gr and make them round

10. Proof the second time for around 20 minute until it rise. Notes, I put four on the tray for this second proofing

11. Your doughnuts are ready to be fried. Prepare the pan with a low heat.

12. Press doughnuts a little bit and you can make hole in the middle. it’s your preference.

13. Put doughnuts in the deep pan and they will rise. Once you see the bottom is ready, flip once so the top is now in the bottom.

Tips: only flip once, you do not need to flip the doughnuts many times while you fry them.

14. Once the doughnuts are ready, move them from the pan.

I like my doughnuts plain or if I like topping I just mix butter, nutella and coffee. I mixed them separately and I never measure but the way I do it is mix a bit butter, nutella and a bit coffee (maybe 1/4 coffee for the taste) in separate bowl then put it as topping.

Just an idea, you can also make bomboloni from this 🙂 I will try to post this next week.

Final: enjoy coffee with doughnuts 🙂