Left Over Food

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That food above looks yumm right? I made that with my left over food 🙂

I often have left over food that I can make into something else for the next meal. This simply I don’t want to throw any food unless if the food is already
in bad condition that you are not allowed to eat it anymore.

Usually my left over food spagbol, chicken, steamed veggies. We all can make this into another dish of food. It is simple, well I usually mixed left over chicken with the veggies and put some seasoning or make spagbol pastry or anything.

Few nights ago I got this left over steam veggies and chicken sausages and want to make something with it, so i mixed it with vermicelli put salt and pepper.
I cooked it until dry and turn off the stove. Let it cold.

left over veggies (i had steamed veggies)
200 gr vermicelli
if you have meat, you can add to it.

1. boil water. once boiled, put vermicelli in for 2 minutes then drain. vermicelli is ready
2. Prepare the pan, then put a bit oil, once warm, put mince garlic.
3. Add the vermicelli and left over veggies. Add a bit water then add sugar, pepper and 1/2 cube chicken stock
4. mix them until it is dry. just use small heat to cook this. once it is dry make it cool.

with this, you can add more seasoning if you’d like or any hot sauce and you can have it for meal as well.

What I did, because I have pastry. Once the mix is cool, I put it in the pastry then I fried them like the picture on top 🙂

Just choose whatever you want to have it and use anything you have at home.

What do you usually do with your left over? xx