Easter 2020

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It’s a bit strange for the Easter holiday this year. With this Corona (Covid-19), we all have to adjust everything we usually do over the Easter holiday.

My brother, who was supposed to come here from overseas, could not come to visit me as there is a Travel ban at the moment. My relatives, who live in the same state, also could not come to visit as they live more than 30 km from my place. At the moment, I cannot go to their places as well as it is too far and we are trying to avoid penalty which is around $1652. We are all in isolation mode. We only can travel for four purposes. This makes sense as we have to consider that we are in this together. We are all try to minimise the spread and at the end we need to think the future of ours. No one wants to get infected from this virus. No one would want to accidentally become a carrier of this virus. We are all doing this together. We are in this together.

What I have been doing since this iso, I have been doing exercise with my dogs. The park is always quiet anyway especially if we walk early in the morning. It is usually only me and my dogs. I have been doing shopping online a lot lol. I don’t go anywhere else. I work from home and I love it!!!.

I have already used several messaging applications for chatting, calling and video calling my love ones. Today I just set up another application, Zoom, so I can also organise more for my meetings. The application is just great! I can invite many people in one go and the quality is good. I have made schedule now for meetings using this applications with some people. I have also done exercise online from youtube. At the moment actually there are more and more gyms offering free online classes as people cannot go to the gym. You should check that one. For myself I love doing exercise with Jessica Smith on Youtube. Do it everyday and I have fun. There are also other things I do around the house when I got bored. I sing in the online karaoke application (StarMaker). You can do it too. There are several online karaoke application. You can choose any that you prefer. I also do spring cleaning, fix some small stuffs at home. I follow many groups on Facebook for several house upgrades and I am amazed on how many people do ‘small’ renovation or upgrade in their kitchen, laundry or anywhere in the house.

I don’t know how long we are going to be like this but I do hope that we will be ok at the end. Happy Easter 2020 and Stay safe!!