Chicken Treats for My Furkids

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Do you have furkid? In case you are confused the meaning of Furkid, from dictionary, furkid is a person’s dog, cat, or other furry pet animal.

I have two dogs that I love so much and I consider them as part of the family. As they are part of my family, I try to take care of them properly, start from the vaccinations, puppy school, pet insurance, food including treats.

I have been making a lot of treats for them, from vegetables or meats but in this blog, I will share with you on how I make the treats from chicken (chicken jerky).

The reason I make this by myself because one of my dogs, Alaskan Malamute, she’s a bit difficult in eating anything. She is picky in eating especially the treats. I notice she prefers to eat treats I make than the ones I buy. That’s why I try to make some of the treats by myself. Another dog I have is Fox Terrier and he just can eat anything lol.

Another benefit of making my own treat is that I found the price is cheaper and I just can make it whenever I can.

I use Dehydrator to make the chicken jerky. The brand that I use at the moment is Sunbeam.

To make this chicken jerky:

  1. Chicken Breast Fillet. The weight of the chicken is your preference. I usually make this with around 1.5 kg chicken breast fillet.
  2. Clean them thoroughly. Cut them really thin and remove the fat if you notice. I don’t mix the chicken with anything else as I prefer them as plain chicken.
  3. Put the slices in each tray of dehydrator. Usually for 1.5 kg, I can make all the tray full
  4. Put the dehydrator lid properly.
  5. Turn on the dehydrator power and set the temperature to 70 celcius degree.
  6. From the reference of this machine, it is recommended to have it 7 hours but after several testings, I prefer to have this for 9 hours.
  7. Leave it until it is done.

Usually with around 1.5 kg of Chicken breast I can have around 350 gr jerky. I put them in paper towel then put them in a tight container so the jerky can last 2-3 weeks in my place. My dogs love this jerky so much, and I think your dog will love it too.

To review the Dehydrator, you can google and youtube it. There are different types of dehydrator and the prices are different too. With my machine, I don’t need to rotate them for certain hour. I just leave it until it finishes the job. So far, I don’t have any issue with the machine. You can have a look and read the review from amazon. Below are some of the options:


There are also other options other than chicken, e.g. beef, liver, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, etc. I will share it with you in another blog. Have a try!! I would like to see what dog’s treat you make. You can tag me on instagram for this.